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Sophie's Mission

Sophie’s Circle is dedicated to making the world a better place for animals & humans that love them.


Pet Food Donations

Click here to donate pet food to Sophie’s Circle. We have locations throughout Volusia County.

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Check out some of our adoptable dogs and cats who have found their forever homes!

Our Mission

Sophie’s Circle is dedicated to making the world a better place for animals and the humans that love them.


Sophie’s Circle is a registered nonprofit 501(c)(3) Dog Rescue Organization that also operates the only pet food bank pantry in Volusia County, Florida.

Food Pantry

As Volusia County’s only pet food pantry, we are dedicated to providing pet food to financially-challenged families, in an ongoing effort to keep pets in their homes where they belong, along with educating the public on the importance of spay and neutering.

Dog Rescue

Working out of Volusia County to help rescue, foster, and adopt Huskies and other breeds in need. We have successfully rescued and adopted hundreds of dogs over the last several years.

Our Story

Sophie’s Circle Dog Rescue

My name is Kathy Blackman and I am the Founder and President of Sophie’s Circle.  One husky named Sophie changed my life and that is why I started Sophie’s Circle. Many dogs have since been rescued in her honor. Click below to read more.

What People are Saying


Stephanie Quinn

Love this rescue! Between myself, my mom and my best friend; we have rescued 3 dogs from Sophies (Balto the husky, Baylee the pekingese and Shelby the shih tzu and they are absolutely wonderful!! Baylee and Balto are the best of friends. Thank you for allowing us to rescue such wonderful fur babies!

Gwen Dixon Bush

This group is amazing! I’m blessed to work with Jen at her paying job and I watch her work tirelessly as her phone never stops. These women stop at nothing to save as many as they possibly can and provide the best vet care for each one they take responsibility for. It is truely amazing to witness and be a small part of. Love them!!!

Joann Quinn

Max (formerly known as Zeak) was rescued by Jen from a shelter in Orlando. I’m pretty sure Max would not have made it out of there without Sophie’s Circle. A black pitbull with one blind eye is not the “cute” family pet everyone is looking for…but, the volunteers at Sophie’s Circle have a knack for finding and saving the sweet souls that deserve a second chance.

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