Easter is just a hop and a skip away, and with all the family festivities you will be planning and attending, you should remember that it isn’t just your 2-legged family members who want a day of celebration. With that being said, you might now be wondering what you can do to celebrate Easter with your favorite family member – your furry, four-legged fur baby.

When celebrating Easter with your pup, it is important to be cautious with sweet treats, plastic grass, and plastic eggs – all while remembering that there are still many ways to celebrate Easter safely with your pup. Here are 3 of the best ways to make your pup feel included in your easter celebration.

Dress Your Dog Up
With all the holiday cards and pictures featuring cute pets dressed up and celebrating, it is hard not to want to dress your pup up this Easter. And you know what? Dressing your pup up, and taking a ton of pictures, is the perfect way to include them in your celebrations. From a full-on outfit or costume to just a headpiece, the possibilities for cute costumes and adorable holiday pictures are endless! But remember, holidays are supposed to be fun and joyful, so when dressing your fur baby up, only do as much as they can tolerate

Yummy Dog-Friendly Easter Treats
Another great way to include your pup in your easter festivities is to give them delicious, dog-friendly treats. And just like during any other holiday, it is essential to be careful when giving your pup table food – but there is plenty of food you can give your fur baby that they will enjoy eating without upsetting their tummies.

You can give your pup any of their regular, everyday treats, but with Easter being a special occasion, your pup deserves a special treat. You can put together a pet-safe doggy easter basket filled with special treats and toys, and you can also feed them fruits, veggies, and other table food. Just remember, no plastic grass, no plastic eggs, and no chocolate.

Have A Dog Friendly Easter Egg Hunt
Have you ever considered throwing an easter egg hunt for your fur baby? You can have an easter egg hunt for you’re the kids in your family, and that includes your fur children! Just like with your children, when you throw an easter egg hunt for your pup, it is important to think of them like they are a toddler – and you never want to give a toddler something unsafe.

So, when you start planning a dog-friendly easter egg hunt for your fur baby, here are a few precautions you need to take.

  • No Plastic Grass
  • Do not let your pup chew on plastic eggs – Only hard-boiled eggs, and only when fresh.
  • All Fabric-stuffed chew toys must be pet friendly.
  • Remember, everything in moderation – do not overstuff your pup with veggies, fruits, and treats.
  • Leave no egg to rot – count your eggs before you hide them, and make sure you mark where they are hidden so you can make sure they are all found later on.
  • Be cautious of small plastic toys and anything that can hurt your pup’s insides.