The holidays are here. Bells are ringing, and kids are begging for a furry-forever friend. But before you give in and go to a pet store or a breeder, have you ever considered going to your local animal shelter and adopting? Here are five reasons why you should adopt your pet.

You Will Be Saving a Life
Did you know that every year millions of animals find themselves in overcrowded shelters? Do you want to help save a life? Unfortunately, most of the animals that find their way to an animal shelter, more times than not, end up being euthanized if they can’t find a forever home.

By adopting your pet from your local animal shelter, instead of buying them from a store (or breeder), you can help save the life of a poor animal that only wants to love you. How about it? Are you ready to save a life and get a lifelong companion?

Receive All of The Unconditional Love
Have you ever heard the saying “Man’s Best Friend”? Your furry best friend could be waiting for you at the shelter, just waiting to give you all the unconditional love in the world. The important thing to remember is that all your pet wants from you is love, and it won’t be shy when giving it back.

Through thick and thin, your pet will be a source of true and consistent unconditional love – no matter what, they will be there for you. And who couldn’t benefit from a little extra love every day, especially those that seem tougher than expected?

Only Pay an Adoption Fee
Do you know how much money you will spend at a pet store or a breeder? When you go to a pet store or a breeder, you will easily drop a couple of thousands of dollars on your pet. That doesn’t include all the necessary supplies and the required vaccinations.

Do you know what is great about adopting from a shelter? Not only will you be saving a life and showing an animal that you love them, but the adoption process is also almost free! So when you compare the cost of adopting a pet versus buying, adopting is cheaper.

All you need to do is pay an adoption fee, which is significantly less than what you would pay at a breeder. Unlike at a pet store or breeder, this adoption fee usually covers your pet’s first vaccinations, paying/neutering, and microchipping. So, if you want a pet and save thousands of dollars, check out your local animal shelter! Your Furr-ever friend is patiently waiting for you.

You Can Still Find the Breed You Want
Many people go to a pet store or a breeder to ensure they get the Breed they want. But did you know that you can still find the Breed that you want in an animal shelter?

Pure Breed or mixed, thousands of animals find themselves in animal shelters every year. Their Breed is not a factor. From Cats to Pitbulls and Chihuahuas, there is a good chance you will find your dream pet at your local shelter – you just have to go and look. And if you aren’t sure what kind of pet you want, your local animal shelter staff will have the knowledge to help you.

Support A Local Animal Shelter Organization
Typically, Local Animal Shelters are organizations staffed by volunteers and funded by donations and adoption fees. So, when you adopt a pet from your local shelter, you are getting yourself a lifelong Furr-ever friend, but you will also be helping your local shelter and all the animals that reside there.

While going to a pet store and breeder might seem like a great solution when you want to get a pet. There are thousands of animals out there at your local animal shelter that need a forever home and unconditional love. Help save a life and find your new best friend in the process.