Do you feel overwhelmed at the extensive number of canine pure breeds, mixed breeds, and trending hybrids available to adopt? There is an easy way to tell if you have found the right dog for your family and lifestyle. Start with these 5 tests that will show you just how simple it is to find your furry friend match!

1) Measure Your Space
If you are looking for a larger dog, you might be surprised to find you do not have enough room in your home or car. Not having a fence or living in an apartment without a designated yard does not have to be a dealbreaker. You can always take more walks, which Fido will LOVE! The key is to determine if you have enough room for a properly sized crate for his safety and a means of transporting him from place-to-place when desired or needed like to the vet for his annual wellness visits.

2) Which Behaviors Best Describe Your Dream Pet?
Dogs are affectionately considered to be “Man’s Best Friend” in part because of their loyal and trusting nature. That said, certain behaviors on this checklist could be the key to helping you determine which rescue is best for you. Make a note of the statements you would most likely include in an ad for your ideal four-legged companion.

  • I look forward to my dog remaining close by my side!
  • Active owner seeks an energetic workout partner to help me stay in shape.
  • My dog will like short strolls in the neighborhood and calm quiet evenings at home.
  • I am planning to put in a pool anyway, so a dog that will dig up my yard for FREE is alright with me.
  • The term “Chatterbox” best describes my dog’s level of verbal expression because I am a social butterfly myself!
  • After two long walks during the day, my furry bestie is ready to relax on his own but stay nearby his favorite “hooman”.
  • Although he had to change homes, it is clear my dog was very well cared for at his previous home.
  • I feel most bonded with an independent explorer.
  • I’m new to the dog training scene and I’m seeking a dog who responds quickly to commands with praise.
  • Working with a history of abuse or aggression is no sweat for an advanced trainer like me!

3) Test Your Physical Strength
A number of dogs are easily trained and can be very helpful with tasks around the house. Those that need a greater level of consistent training sessions may require a higher level of strength to maintain control until a new set of social skills has been acquired to avoid being left at home during family walks. Since many medium dogs could pull more than 30 pounds in a swift, unexpected, and forceful action, we suggest lifting at least that much to find out if this is something you feel comfortable controlling for a medium or large-sized dog.  At home, this would be a medium bag of dog food at 30 pounds, just over three and a half gallons of water, or 75 x 6.42-ounce cans of vegetables.

4) Which Best Describes Your Daily Routine?
Although the majority of adult dogs can go four to six hours without a bathroom break, there are some exceptions who would be better suited for an owner who plans to be home most of the day. This is particularly true for young dogs, those with certain medical conditions, and some seniors. Find out if you are ready for a dog with special needs like an increased number of bathroom breaks by writing down the truest statement below:

  • I am gone over six hours during the day, but I can come home for lunch or I can make arrangements for my dog to be let out while I’m away.
  • I am usually home and I can make arrangements for my dog to be let out the few times I’m away longer than six hours.
  • I can make room in my schedule for frequent bathroom breaks for my dog, if needed.
  • I would be unable to care for a dog who requires frequent bathroom breaks at this time.

5) Request an Allergy Screening
By now, you may have narrowed your search by size, personality, behaviors, and level of care. One thing you may not have thought about is your dog’s coat. A dog’s fur is part of what makes him irresistibly cuddly! On the other hand, if you are an allergy sufferer, you may want to consider holding out for a dog that seldom sheds such as a poodle mix or a Bichon mix. Therefore, before you adopt, we recommend getting tested for dog allergies by your allergist. This way, you can know for sure you have selected the dog will receive plenty of cuddle time!

Well done! You have taken 5 tests that have put you on the right path for finding the right furry companion for you. It’s time to begin browsing our regularly updated list of eligible cuties who are waiting for their forever home. We can’t wait to see which one will you choose!