The summer heat can take its toll on anyone, but especially your dog. Just imagine walking around in the hottest parts of the day while wearing a fur coat that covers your entire body! It’s enough to make you sweat from the thought of it. But, the great news is there are some simple and super fun things you can do to add a little cooling comfort to your dog’s day.

1. Make Dogtastic Popsicles!
Did you know pushing an icy treat around the bowl while licking the flavorful drippings can entertain your furry best friend for as long as that ice cube stays frozen? By pouring some no-salt beef or chicken broth into ice trays before placing the trays into the freezer, you can have drool-worthy and canine-friendly popsicles on hand for any sunny day of the year! Of course, this might be more for the non-chewers out there as chomping on ice can lead to broken teeth. But, if your dog is a more cautious or dainty eater, try this trick and watch him or her savor every last lick! 

2. Float a Treat in the Pool?
That’s right! There are floats for dogs, dog toys that float, and, now, floating dog treat puzzle toys! Canine water-lovers everywhere will wag their tails and jump at the chance to swim to their treat reward for staying cool in the pool this summer. As an alternative, you can cover his or her favorite float toy in a yummy flavoring before launching it into the water for a tasty surprise!

3. Play a Game of Hide and Seek
It’s game on when tantalizing smells and flavors are nearby! Instead of making ice cubes, pour your dog-friendly liquid into a hollow dog toy and freeze it. Then, take it out when it’s time to go into the backyard and hide it somewhere your pet loves to play. This is also an excellent opportunity to work on commands and keep your dog busy while building new skills!

4. Add Cold Teats to Puzzle Toys
Need an activity to occupy your young dog while you work? Try chipping your dog’s frozen treats into smaller sections and place them inside puzzle toys. This works best when you sprinkle training treats into the ice cube of flavor so that the weight of the treat will help gravity dislodge it from the puzzle when turned upside down. After all, the game is only fun if the reward doesn’t fully melt!

5. Create Your Own Splash Zone
Dogs are sadly not generally allowed at the local water parks. Plus, you may not live near a pool, lake, or ocean waves. Don’t worry. You and your furry friend can still have some water park adventures in your own backyard! With the help of some sprinklers, training treats and/or clickers, and lots of exciting sounds, your dog will have a blast running through the splash zone with the kiddos. Moreover, you can include hidden treats or favorite pool toys for a combination of Hide-and-Seek while trying not to get splashed. An inexpensive baby pool can be the home base, starting point, or safe zone. While you have the baby pool out, you can also end the game with a quick bath before a well-deserved rest in the cool a/c.

6. Tour Dog-Friendly Beaches
If you have the opportunity, try to plan a memorable day at the nearby beach or a dog-friendly vacation the whole family can enjoy. There are a number of hotels and beaches that allow dogs with some restrictions. This way, instead of staying in a kennel or at home with a sitter, your dog can be included all of your summer adventures! 

7. Start a Neighborhood Dog Wash
No big plans to travel this summer? A neighborhood dog wash may be the perfect way to let your dog socialize more with kids and other dogs while earning some spending cash or raising funds for a good cause. Hint – Ask your friends to post the event on their HOA Facebook page for more customers!

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