Getting a new dog is one of the most excited moments in one’s life! But, preparing your home, daily routine, and family for his arrival can feel overwhelming. Use these 7 steps to make his transition and your’s a smooth and comfortable journey on the way to great trust-building success!

Talk About It With Household Members
Before starting your search for your new fur-baby, it helps to discuss the responsibilities involved with your other household members and how those needs will be meet. Alerts for those first few weeks in your mobile calendar can prove very useful during transitional times. For families, this is an excellent opporutnity to develop a rewards chart for the children and allow them the chance to practice essential caregiving skills. Just be sure to check after younger children to see if the tasks were completed.

Prepare Financially for Added Expenses
Hopefully, your dog needs only the basics throughout his healthy life, such as dog food, ocassional treats, a clean bowl for his fresh water, and a safe cozy spot to sleep. On the other hand, like humans, some dogs require more medical care and have special dietary restrictions, especially as they age. Checking over your financial health for the ability to cover such costs can let you feel confident you are ready to accept the care needs of your new furry best friend as he grows.

Create a Safe Space
Speaking of cozy places to sleep, your canine buddy will need a room all his own at least to start. While he develops a trusting relationship with his new family and until be becomes familiar with his surroundings, an appropriately-sized crate is advised. Also, it may help for him to feel more comfortable while he is inside his crate if it is treated as his safe space where no one else is allowed. To determind how much room his crate will take, a quick trip to a pet store online can give you deminsions of different crate sizes. As for the rest of the home, it is always recommended toys, shoes, chemicals, and clothing be picked up and stored away from his reach.

Establish Your Routine Around Walks
By now, you are probably feeling more at ease already about the idea of caring for your new dog. Adding a couple of walks or runs to your daily routine will further develop your confidence and add all the wonderful benefits of exercise as a bonus. Just imagine how much more fun this is going to be when you select your walking or running buddy!

Pick Your Brand of Dog Food
You may be thinking you’ll just pick up something on your way home from picking up your dog at the adoption center, which is certainly an option. But, if you have ever stood in the pet aisle of a grocery store or pet store, you know how confusing this one seemingly easy purchase can be! Don’t worry. Our guide on choosing the right dog food can assist you with making this task a great success!

Begin Researching Breeds You Love and Why
Everyone has their favorite breed or breed combination looks-wise. However, there is much more to your dog that his looks. After all, your dog will be in your life for many years. One suggestion to make this process much easier is to make a list of your deal-breakers in terms of grooming requirements and personality traits. Keep in mind, some behaviors can be modified with a little training time. Personality is more about his energy level and his interest in you. For example do you like a dog who wants to stay by your side or do you prefer a little independence? Like humans, some dogs are more socially inclined than others. Another question to consider is how much exercise will he need? If you are looking for a running partner, a dog with a higher level of energy and a build that can sustain the distance may suite your lifestyle better than a lap dog.

Search Our Adoption Page
Woo hoo! Your home and routine are set up for your new dog and you know what you are hoping to find as you browse our adoption page online. Our little cuties cannot wait to find a forever home! If you do not see the dog for you on our website, please check back as our listing is updated frequently. We know you’ll find the right furry friend for you very soon!