People use dogs as cuddly companions and to tackle a number of extremely helpful tasks like calming anxiety, fetching objects, and detecting health changes. But, dogs also often give humans more opportunities to spend time with other humans. Here are 5 ways your dog can help reduce your loneliness as they work joyfully and tirelessly to bring people together.

1. Family Bonding Time
Nothing brings people at home together more than adopting a dog. A new fur baby in the family comes with both exercise, practice caring for others, and a ton of fun. Such excitement also brings the welcomed added bonus of more family bonding time and communication. Families will pull together and create memories to cherish while training, feeding, grooming, walking, or playing games like fetch. Even the family downtimes like watching movies are perfect moments for bonding over a sweet snuggle session with a furry friend.

2. Away from Home
Outside the home, dogs can work their magic to introduce their owners to new faces as they encounter dog fans along walks and hikes, in parks, in dog-friendly stores, or while dining outdoors at restaurants. Sometimes, it can be hard to make friends in the area or introduce yourself to the neighbors. Dogs that have been properly socialized are magnets for pets, praise, and attention wherever they roam. This means the pet owner will be able to connect with others who share an appreciation for dogs. In fact, the more trips outside of the home the better the chances of making lasting friendships.

Plus, owners receive a multitude of mood-boosting exercise benefits from walking their dogs. Then, while enjoying such perks, owners will also notice a lift in confidence as people on the street or in pet-friendly spaces approach their animals in a friendly, non-threatening, and unassuming manner.

3. In the Workplace
For pet-friendly offices and retail stores, dogs can lower blood pressure and anxiety while affording employees and customers alike a chance to connect. Plus, dogs in commercial buildings like retail shops help build consumer loyalty and repeat business. With each returning visit, customers can show up with dog treats in hand and receive happy tail wags and sweet petting opportunities. This could be a highlight for many individuals who are presently unable to own a dog or care for a pet. As a result, they are more likely to talk about their love for dogs, which then provides an excellent opportunity to expand the conversation into other topics.

4. Using Pet Therapy
Social anxiety prevents more than 12% of adults in the U.S. from having the confidence and comfort level needed to connect with other human beings. To help combat the isolating effects of this mental health issue, dogs are often used in pet therapy programs as support for those suffering from social anxiety. Since petting dogs have been known to reduce anxiety by lowering one’s blood pressure, stress, and pain levels, they are possibly the most perfect therapeutic system available. For this reason, volunteer programs allow dogs who have passed certain requirements in training to visitschools or hospitals in an effort to offer soothing support for those who are anxious or depressed thereby enabling them to better interact with those around them.

5. Improving Independence for Those with Certain Disabilities
Another way for dogs to help bring more people together is to provide fetching or guiding services for disabled individuals who otherwise would not be able to leave their homes. For example, those with restricted mobility due to vision concerns can use their dogs’ eyes and trained movements to walk around obstacles and other dangers like traffic in order to meet a friend or colleague at a restaurant for lunch. Moreover, such dogs empower their owners to keep their independence going to and from work where they will be able to interact with clients and co-workers.

Therefore, if you are interrested in building connections more with other people, consider socialization one more reason why dogs are considered by many to be man’s best friend. When you are ready to adopt a dog of your own, you can find the right match for your needs, personality, and lifestyle on our website by visiting our adoption page. If the dog you have been hoping to find is not there, check back with us as our list of loving dogs in need of forever homes is frequently updated. You can also help the dogs in our area continue to bring people together by donating food to our dog food pantry or opening your home to a foster dog while he or she waits for adoption. Simply sign up on our website. Thank you.