One of the biggest reasons humans thrive in the company of dogs is the never-ending gift of unconditional love they give back to us each and every day. As we approach the season of gratitude, we would be remiss if we did not share some of the top ways dogs benefit our lives with their outward displays of affection and loyalty. Which one brightens your day the most? 

The Tail Wag
From narrow to thick tails and long to ultra-short tails, dogs remind us of their relentless love for us as well as a keen interest in what we are doing through the pace at which they wag their tails. The faster the speed, the more excited they are to see you and the more ready they are to spend quality time with you, their favorite hoo-man. Well, okay, maybe more like their favorite human at the moment for some dogs who tend to share their affection with anyone offering time, dedicated attention, and, of course, treats! Either way, your dog is thrilled you’re spending time together when you see that tail begin to whip back and forth or round in circles with gusto. 

The Wiggle

The Spin

The Lean

The Watchful Gaze

The Gifts

The Forgiveness

The Attachment to Your Movements
(Always ready for an adventure. Also, stay by your side for adopted dogs who have experienced the darker side and are grateful you offered them a chance to love and be loved in a safe and healthy environment.)