You may be cautious about being out in public with a dog during the pandemic, but don’t let that stop you from adopting your furry bestie and having loads of fun in 2021! Tackle your new resolutions with exercise and taking time to enjoy life with these COVID-free activities. Healthy adventures await!


  1. Glamping
    What? Never heard of glamping? Then you have been missing out! Those who are not completely comfortable sleeping on the ground and out in the wild can book a cabin stay by a lake, an RV rental to travel, or a camper trailer rental for nearby parks. It does cost more than camping in your own tent, but you have plenty of space and you can gaze up at the night sky over a cozy fire for two before catching some ZZZ’s in an actual bed. Plus, you generally have a stove and oven, refrigerator, and, of course, a coffee maker! Don’t forget the s’mores!
  2. Biking
    Depending on your dog’s personality and training, biking may become your favorite new pastime activity with your canine friend. Smaller dogs can ride in style in their very own sturdy carrier located either on the handlebars or pulled behind. There are loads of options for keeping him safe and snug while enjoying all the sights, sounds, and smells. We especially like the mesh ones that can be closed for added safety as even the best-trained dogs may find an irresistible urge to follow a scent.
  3. Paddling
    Do you know of a lake nearby or a more secluded spot on the beach where you can rent or bring your own canoe, paddleboat, or kayak? If your canine companion is a great swimmer, he will be thrilled to spend time on the water with his favorite human! Bring a couple of tennis balls or soft frisbees to add to the excitement, and please keep temperatures in mind and remember his life vest for deeper waters.
  4. Obstacle Course
    In the mood for getting some exercise together yet looking for a way to stay home? Try building an obstacle course in your backyard. This does not have to look like the pros. Simple logs, a couple of pieces of plywood, kid tunnels found at the local chain box store, and some pool noodles can be a great start! Hint- a soft frisbee makes for a fantastic grand finale game of airborne catch.
  5. Therapy Dog Training
    With all the wiggles out, it may be time to work on something more helpful. Dogs are phenomenal with many forms of therapy, such as fetching items around the house, opening doors, alerting humans of oncoming seizures, detecting certain odors, and just being their loveable yet calm selves. Yep, dogs rock!
  6. Teach Party Tricks
    What about ways to cheer people up online? By teaching your dog to do several party tricks, your friends and family are sure to be both amazed and grateful for the happy distraction. It takes less time than you may think to teach a new skill, and it can be hilarious to record yourself doing the training as well! We would not be surprised if dogs performing stunts online became the new pet therapy for those feeling isolated. Who knows? You may have the makings of a viral video that spreads joy around the globe!
  7. Movie Night In 
    Snuggle time is the best time! Besides being great listeners, exercise buddies, helpers, students, and, on occasion, talented clowns, dogs have another major talent. They are the perfect pet to sit beside you while streaming your favorite movie or television series. You get to keep the candy, soda, and, best of all, the remote all to yourself with no complaints. Well, perhaps a little begging is in order for some air-popped popcorn. No kernels or partially popped pieces, please. Our blood pressure is lowering just thinking about this quiet evening at home on the couch. How about you?

Adopt or Foster Today!
If you have been searching for a furry friend to assist with your health and wellness 2021 resolutions yet are concerned about adopting or fostering a dog during the pandemic, the above activities prove dogs can be just as much a part of your life as pre-2020. In fact, you may find you are happier stepping out of your same ol’ routine and into grand adventures both outdoors and at home. Take a look at our consistently updated list of adorable friends on our adoption page who are waiting for a forever home with someone just like you! Once you find your ideal match, you can begin to explore all that 2021 offers together.