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Foster a Dog!

How to Become a Dog Foster

If you want to have a dog, but are currently unable to make the lifetime commitment, then fostering is perfect for you! Enjoy pleasure of having a dog to love and help us out at the same time! To become a foster, all you need is to fill out an application.

See below to fill in our online application or email and copy for more information.

Sophie’s Circle does not have a physical facility (kennel or housing) where we can house our dogs until we find them forever homes.  It is for this reason that we rely on foster homes to care for our dogs until we find them forever homes.  Foster ‘parents’ are required to provide is a safe and loving home for a short time, and we can assist with food and veterinary for the foster dog if need be.  It is always important to get a dog that matches your needs and lifestyle, so we will work closely with you to ensure we find the right dog for you to foster.  Fostering can be as short as one night or as long as one month.

Foster to adopt is for a one-week period. Deposits MUST be paid in full, prior to, or on the day that the dog goes to new home. If foster to adopt does not work out after the FULL week, the check can be returned if adopter does not want to use it as a donation for time and efforts. Contracts must be completed on Day 1.

To ensure the safety of our foster dogs, current pets in the home, and all family members, we require that our fosters follow “The First 2 Weeks.” This program allows the new rescue the proper time needed to adjust to the new home, and at the same time, learn that it is not a free for all and that they can not run the show. It is a strict program, but we have seen how successful it is when bringing a new dog into the home properly.  Please have everyone in the home read this before taking in a foster dog.

Foster Toolbox

Below are helpful tools to use anytime with your foster or pet!

Foster Contract

Foster Handbook

Foster Application

Adoption Handbook

The First 2 Weeks

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