If you are hesitant to adopt a dog for fear of adding pet odors to your home, we have great news! There are many ways to reduce the amount of loose fur, dander, and odors so you can enjoy your time with your pet indoors and out. Start with these five tips!

Prepare Your Furniture
If you plan to allow your dog to be on your bed or furniture, keep in mind some fabrics are easier to keep clean than others. For those that seem to trap hair and lint, try a washable cover that can prevent the fur, dander, or oils from seeping into your cushions or bedspread. A couch cover will also help prevent scratches, picks, and punctures from nails. For those who would like to avoid vacuuming the furniture, you can train your dog to stay on the floor or use a designated chair only.

Use Vet Recommendations for Grooming
Some dogs can be bathed and brushed more often than others. Too much bathing can dry out some dogs’ skin and not enough brushing can become a matting issue for many breeds. Be sure to follow your vet’s recommendations for your dog. This is important for both your dog’s health as well as reducing pet odors and shedding in your home.

Also, always use a shampoo formulated specifically for dogs and ask your veterinarian which shampoo brands are best for your dog’s coat and skin. He or she may have suggestions for reducing shedding as well as prevent fleas and ticks. There are even shampoos that can help soothe a dog’s itchy skin.

Location, Location, Location
Where you bathe your dog may be just as important as the shampoo when it comes to reducing odors in your home. When the weather is warm, try training your dog to enjoy outdoor baths. You’ll want to use a hard surface underneath your dog to keep him or her from getting dirty while bathing like a patio or a kiddie pool. Then, avoid the dreaded wet dog smell by taking a walk around the neighborhood to allow time for natural drying.

Where to Keep Your Dog’s Supplies
If possible, we suggest using a sealed container in the garage for storing dry dog food. The seal helps to keep the food fresh and restricts the odor from escaping both into the garage and inside the home when the door is open. Grooming, shampoo, nail clippers, and related supplies may also be stored in a container or basket nearby in the garage for quick access without the aroma of a recently brushed or bathed dog.

Around the House
Your cleaning regimen does not have to change too dramatically to add a dog. Weekly dusting, vacuuming, and cleaning hard surfaces are often sufficient to decrease the number of odors and loose fur in your home. Don’t forget to pay close attention to corners and underneath furniture, on top of shelves and fan blades, and around the side of lampshades where dirt and hair hides best.

One final consideration is more frequent washing of all linens and wiping down or washing your throw pillow covers and curtains. This is particularly important for allergy sufferers when pollen counts are high outside or you have checked off all the items on this list and still notice an unpleasant musk. There are many options for washable curtains and trendy bed covers that can make this task as easy as doing the laundry.

Spend Some Time With Your Dog Before Adoption
If smell or allergies are an issue, ask if you can either spend time in a small enclosed area for about an hour or take the dog home for a week. This trial period can help you assess if this fur baby’s natural musk is too strong for you as different breeds, blends, and individual dogs carry their own unique scents and allergen production levels. One note, as COVID-19 evolves the contact restrictions often change at reputable rescue organizations. Therefore, always call ahead to ask about the updated policies regarding contact.

Where to Find a Dog in North Eastern Florida to Adopt
Now that you know how to better control the pet odors in your home, it’s time to find your furry best friend. Log onto our website and search our dog adoption page for a good match in need of a forever home with someone just like you! With new dogs added frequently, we know you’ll find your fur baby to bring home very soon.