When weighing your decision to keep your newly adopted dog indoors or outdoors for most of the day, there are some important safety tips to consider. By taking precautions, you can better assess the amount of time outside is right for your pet and your lifestyle with peace of mind. Start finding your happy outdoor balance with these eight safety measures.

1) Indoor Safety

  • Close Trash Can Tops
    Whether in the bathroom, bedroom, or kitchen, your dog is bound to search for items of interest in your trash cans. Anything with a food scent on it should especially be thrown away in a closed-lid trash can. Otherwise, it is likely you will be cleaning up chewed-up bits of trash and you may be headed to the vet after your dog swallows something he can’t digest or pass.
  • Pick up Toys, Dropped Food, and Small Items
    Like trash, children’s toys, dropped food items that are toxic for dogs, and other dropped objects that could be swallowed should be picked up off the floor or edge of the table and countertops before your dog can reach them. Far too many dogs have to take an emergency trip to the vet after swallowing something either toxic or indigestible. Luckily, removing the temptation is an easy way to prevent such accidents from being an issue.
  • Supervise Playtime With Toys
    Dogs love toys naturally. Who doesn’t? But, at the end of playtime during the day, the toys must be put away. Eventually, you may find your dog is trustworthy with certain toys as he or she is not a big chewer. However, if you have doubts, the best plan is always to err on the side of safety. Besides, keeping toys out of reach will make them seem like new toys being introduced which adds to the excitement each time you play.
  • 20 Minutes of Training Time Goes a Long Way for Safety!
    Of course, if your dog is continuously getting into trouble or is difficult to keep away from certain spaces or items, it can make having a dog less fun and more costly. Fortunately, a little training time daily can build that trusting bond with your dog while teaching him or her the rules of the house. Soon, you will begin to notice you are better able to relax together at home and experience why dogs are often called “man’s best friend”!

2) Outdoor Safety

  • Use a Secure Fence for Your Dog
    While some fences may be viewed as more aesthetically appealing, such as an electric fence or a picket fence under six feet in height, you may be exposing your dog to other animals and people who come into the yard. Also, you run the risk of your dog getting out of your yard and possibly being hit by a car or getting lost. For these reasons, choosing a taller fence with fewer opportunities to break out as well as exploring options for dogs who like to dig around the base of the fence is important for keeping your fur baby safe in your yard while unsupervised.
  • Provide Shelter From the Elements
    Do you have a proper shade structure in your backyard? Consider building or buying an insulated dog house where your dog can stay nice and cool during hotter months and warmer during colder months while you are away. If your dog is not a big chewer, supplying an old towel or light blanket with your scent on it can also be helpful in creating a comfortable and calming space.
  • Keep an Untippable Water Bowl Full of Clean Water
    It’s easy for water bowls to be tipped over or get dirt in them. No one wants dirty water, least of all your dog who has been outside in the heat for extended periods of time. The good news is there are untippable bowls available for purchase that are inexpensive ways to allow your dog to stay hydrated. Then, simply refill your dog’s water bowl at least twice per day to keep it clean and free of pests or debris.
  • Spend Time With Your Dog
    As pack animals, your dog is going to be lonely and bored without company. That bonding experience is critical to the health and well-being of your pet and can also help lower your blood pressure and improve your mood on even your worst day! Plus, he or she could develop signs of a heat stroke, get caught in the fence, or have another medical issue that requires immediate attention. Therefore, checking on your dog regularly while staying outside the home is critical.

Ready to Adopt?
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