Sophie’s Story

My name is Kathy Blackman and I am the Founder and President of Sophie’s Circle.  One husky changed my life and that is why I started Sophie’s Circle. Many dogs have since been rescued in her honor. Read her story below.
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About Sophie

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Sophie was spending what was to be her last day at the Southeast Volusia Humane Society. She was brought in by an animal control officer when she was found wandering the streets with no identification. A test at the humane society showed that she was suffering from heartworm disease. Her sweet and loving disposition was undaunted by the circumstances she found herself in and she waited patiently for things to swing around in her favor.

We can all relate to Sophie’s situation at one time in our lives. Things can be going great and suddenly everything changes, leaving us with doubt and fear.

Sophie’s faith was rewarded the day before she was scheduled to be euthanized. She was one of many beautiful animals who were hoping someone would come in that day and take them home but something compelled me to seek her out. She wasn’t even in a space where I would have found her, since she had been placed in their quarantined section. And, I wasn’t looking for another pet. I had my fair share.

My mission that day was to set the humane society up with some quality pet food. I needed my GPS to find the place, since it is relatively hidden off SR44 on Glencoe Road in New Smyrna Beach, FL. I had never been there before. The odds against me finding Sophie were seemingly insurmountable. But, life has a funny way of guiding us straight to where we are supposed to be and how we handle it is up to us. I didn’t even want a Siberian Husky when I asked one of the girls working there if they had any.

She said that they did, but that I could not see her because she was in quarantine. Something in my nature hates hearing no, so I asked someone else if I could see the husky that they had back in quarantine. She said yes, but told me that she was being put down the next day and had heartworm.

Undeterred, I told her I really wanted to see the dog. Back we went, past scads of frantically barking dogs who desperately wanted out. Each one of them was locked up for crimes they didn’t commit and it was heartbreaking. Way in the back, in the midst of the leaping, barking frenzy, Sophie was laying there calmly. I put my hand in her cage and she licked it while staring straight into my eyes. It was as if she knew I was coming and was waiting for me. This was a no brainer.

Two quick phone calls had to be made, the first to my resigned fiance who knew better than to argue this one, and the other to the good people at Ravenwood Animal Clinic and Sophie got her miracle. She also found out that there is a world of difference between being down and out and down for the count. Before the referee could count to ten, the cage door opened and Sophie walked into her new life.

Giving her a good life wasn’t enough for me anymore. There were too many dogs just as sweet, just as wonderful and just as loyal who were left behind that day. Standing by and doing nothing was no longer an option for me. I had to make her life matter and do whatever I could to help this desperate situation. I founded a non-profit organization called Sophie’s Circle and we are dedicated to doing our part to improve the lives of animals and the people who love them.

Sophie’s life matters. So do the lives of all the homeless and abused animals who just want to to be loved. Giving feels good and good begets good. But, most importantly, every single day holds the possibility of a miracle. Just ask Sophie.

– Kathy Blackman
May 2009