Summertime is the best time for dogs to get outside with their favorite two and four-legged friends and have a blast showcasing their talents for the high reward of praise and attention – well, maybe a few treats here and there too. Keep your dog entertained and active for hours with these top summer picks we know he or she is going to love!

Play Catch or Fetch with a Ball
One of the best ways to connect and build a bond with your furry friend is to play a game of fetch while also simultaneously getting all of those adorable yet at times hard-to-contain wiggles out. Many dogs are naturally competitive when it comes to this game making it easy to get them excited about the next toss. Be sure to train your dog to sit by your side and wait until you give the release command to retrieve the toy.

What’s that? Your dog is not much for bringing back the ball? No worries. Try a game of catch instead. Throw the ball in the air toward your dog and see if he or she can catch it.

Our Choice for Fetch/Catch Toys Your Dog will Love!
Our top pick for this game is a simple tennis ball or, for chewers, is the ChuckIt Ultra Ball. These items are inexpensive and the ChuckIt Ultra Ball has over 100K 5-star reviews on Amazon! Plus, you can use a sport ball launcher (sold separately) with either a tennis ball or a ChuckIt Ultra Ball and save your arm from sore muscles after a lengthy game of “Toss it again!”

Let a Dog-Approved Frisbee Fly
Tired of the same game of fetch or catch? Why not mix it up by introducing a frisbee for your dog to catch? No, we aren’t talking about those hard plastic frisbees most people have lying around in the garage. Those discs hurt your hand to catch if your fingers are in the wrong place, so they would definitely hurt your dog’s mouth! Instead, we recommend trying these dog-approved frisbees that were designed to keep the game going without requiring a trip to the animal dentist afterward.

Our Choice for the Frisbee Your Dog will Love!
This toy pick was a “toss-up”. Get it? But, the winner for us is Hyper Pet’s Flippy Floppy Dog Frisbee. This frisbee earned top scores for being flexible, soft, high-flying, and a breeze to both toss and catch. As a bonus, it floats! So, you can take this game to the water’s edge at the ocean or a lake or toss it in the pool and let your dog retrieve it.

Adventures in a… Baby Pool?
Dreaming of sunny days by the water playing games with your dog but there just never seems to be enough time to plan a day trip? A little patch on the lawn is all you need to bring the water fun for dogs and kids alike to your backyard. Toss a ball into a small kiddie pool or splash pad and watch the games reach a new level of excitement or hilarious post-worthy comedy. 

Our Choice for the Backyard Splash Zone Your Dog will Love!
The Raxurt Dog Splash Pad is our top choice for a durable splash zone. If your dog loves the water, he or she will not get enough of these enaging sprinklers, which means the fun never has to end.

Playtime That Helps the Lawn
While on the topic of water fun for the backyard, turn on a traditional sprinkler that oscilates and sit back to enjoy the way it amazes your dog and kids! You can even train your dog run through the sprinkler to fetch a toy or jump over the water higher and higher as you increase the pressure. The challenge for doging the water is also an excellent lesson in patience, timing, and trust.

Our Choice for the Sprinkler Your Dog will Love!
The Trazon Garden Sprinkler system can hit each corner of up to 3,000 sq ft of lawn! Also, your grass and dog can enjoy a full 360 degree rotation and adjustable angles that will make any water game more challenging and fun. 

Ready to Adopt?
Now that you have ideas for toys and games that will help you bond with your dog over these sunny summer days, you may ready to find that next dog who would also love to join in the fun. We have several adorable furry friends waiting for their forever homes. Check out our adoption page and let us know which one is right for you.