Although we all love our pets and cannot imagine life without them, it can be a challenge to keep up with all that pet hair on our clothing and woven into the fabric of your pet’s favorite couch during shedding season. The good news is these five easy-to-use tools ensure you don’t have to let pet hair prevent you from adopting the dog or cat that you know was destined to be yours. Read our review of each to see which combination of products is best for you.

  1. Pet Mitt or Pet Glove
    What if you could catch most of the fur before it gets on your clothing, cushions, or carpet? Now, imagine this removal process includes some excellent bonding time with your pet. A pet mitt or pet glove is a flexible and easy-to-slip-on pet grooming glove you can use to loosen up and remove pet hair that would otherwise become interwoven with your fabrics and carpet fibers.When used daily or, for minimal shedders, weekly, this tool effectively brushes away the excess dirt and loose fur with each stroke. As a bonus, your pet receives a gentle massage and attention from his or her favorite hooman. The motion used to remove the hair also relaxes and soothes your dog or cat as it is closer to a petting session than brushing. Pet mitts generally cost $9 to $28, and can readily be found at most pet stores.
  2. Vacuum Attachments
    You can remove the bulk of cat or dog hair from your home with the help of your traditional vacuum cleaner. However, the textured surface, together with a static charge, tend to make your pet’s hairs stick permanently to practically anything. Luckily, the powerful suction of vacuum cleaners, coupled with the right kind of vacuum attachments, is an excellent way to keep visible pet hair to a minimum in your home.In addition to regular grooming, frequent vacuuming is your best defense against your cat or dog’s fur from settling deeper into the fabric’s surface. A handheld vacuum attachment is usually more effective in cleaning upholstery since it is smaller and allows you to quickly enter all the corners, nooks, and crannies.

    The best vacuum attachment we have found for pet hair removal from rugs, carpets, and upholstery is a turbo head. Its high-speed roller brush gently beats the carpet or rug fibers as you vacuum to help release the hairs and any other embedded material. An upholstery vacuum brush is another small yet effective vacuum attachment that uses a bristle strip to draw hair from fabric chairs and sofas. The combination of a stiff brush in the bristle notches and strips at the base for continuous airflow allow the pet hairs to get trapped in the upholstery brush thereby removing the fur from the upholstery.

  3. DIY Fabric Softener Solution for Your Furniture
    Treating excess pet hair from your upholstery, carpet, or curtains doesn’t have to be very costly. The fabric softener method is the perfect do-it-yourself (DIY) remedy to remove pet hair safely and quickly with little effort. For this 2-ingredient recipe, you will simply need a fabric softener, a spray bottle, some water, and a vacuum cleaner.Directions:
    ? Use the spray bottle to create a solution of 3 parts water to 1 part fabric softener.
    ? Lightly spray the mixture on the pet hair. Note: Be sure not to apply too much of this solution.
    ? Leave the carpet, cushion, or rug to dry.
    ? Go over the area with your vacuum or vacuum attachments.
  4. Rubber Squeegee 
    In a hurry? A rubber squeegee or sticky roll of tape makes cleaning up stubborn pet hairs woven into your fabrics a breeze!  To clean your couch with a squeegee, place the rubber corner on the fabric and then gently pull it across the entire surface. With its thin rubber blade, a squeegee acts like the ideal tool for collecting all the loose hairs and moving them into one area. Then, follow up with your vacuum or pick up the loose hair with your hand. Our tip is to keep this tool in the same area as your vacuum for fast and effective clean-up.
  5. Sticky Roll Tape 
    If you do not have a vacuum cleaner or lint roller handy, you can still get rid of stubborn and deeply embedded pet hairs. Sticky tape is perhaps the fastest method for gathering up bits of pet hair. Moreover, it does a pretty good job of lifting off bits and fur out of the rug, carpet, or clothes.For optimum results, wind the sticky tape around your fingers and hands such that the sticky side faces up. Then, pat your hand down your clothes, cushions, or carpets to collect the pet hair. A sticky roll of tape makes it relatively easy to reach into the most challenging places and awkward crevices even your squeegee and vacuum cleaner attachments struggle to reach.

Our Recommendation
While pet hair can require a little maintenance with most dogs and cats, a shedding coat does not have to hold you back from adopting the pet that touches your heart. We have found the key to keeping your home, car, or clothing clean is to incorporate the tools above into your regular routine. Although we found the fastest to be the sticky roll tape for those moments when you are in a rush to get out the door, all of the above methods are effective when used at least weekly during shedding season.

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