Back-to-school days are tough transitions for dogs who are used to being around their favorite little humans all day. Fortunately, these smart tech toys, gadgets, and gizmos will help to keep your four-legged family member entertained, fed, trained, and safe while the two-legged members are away.

1) Automatic Feeder
While away from home or while working, your dog can stay properly fed with an automatic feeder that provides him or her with the nutrition he or she needs. Why not add a lunch in the middle of the day or a snack? An automatic feeder that offers the reward of tasty kibble is the perfect way to give your dog something to look forward to while you cannot be with him or her.

2) Dog Camera
When you fear your dog suffers from anxiety or will not remember the house rules while you are away, a dog camera may be the tool you need to keep a close eye on him or her. In fact, you can even talk to your dog with some cameras and help him or her feel comforted and safe by hearing your voice and knowing you are near. Then, if he or she is in the middle of misbehaving, you can give a command and watch him or her scramble to become the perfectly behaved pooch you knew he or she always could be.

3) Smart Ball Launcher
Speaking of exciting ways to keep your dog entertained while you are away, what if you could play fetch with your dog without being home? An automatic ball launcher may be the perfect way to toss a ball to fetch at random times throughout the day when your dog seems sad on your camera or bored. We like the idea of a combination of these toys like an automatic feeder to wake him or her up and keep him or her excited about mid-day lunch or treats coupled with a dog camera and ball launcher to ensure your dog gets plenty of exercise and stays focused on constructive activities to release his or her energy.

4) Smart Collars with Wagz Tagz
With smart collars, dogs can carry more tracking information to help find them wherever they roam. These are great inventions for those four-legged friends who have a passion for running or following a scent they pick up. Then, Wagz Tagz when added to the smart collar will help dogs remember not to jump on furniture or countertops while no one is looking.

5) Microchip Pet Door
Dog owners that cannot be home in time to let their dogs out for a potty break during the day and a run around the yard may like the idea of installing a pet doo. However, a common problem with pet doors is any wild creature who happens to wander by could use the door to come inside the home just as easily. Also, there is safety issue with such access. With a microchip pet door, your dog’s microchip acts as an access key to let him or her come in and out of the door while other furry and non-furry friends will be locked out.

6) Smart Dog House
Sometimes, the best solution is to be outside while everyone is away. But, the hot sun in summer or cold winter nights can be too extreme for any dog. A smart dog house offers climate-controlled relief when your dog is in need of shelter. Finally, a dog house that will protect your dog from all types of weather.

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