When it comes to springtime and wanting to be outside, humans aren’t the only ones who can benefit from fresh air and outdoor activities. With the spring days growing longer, there are many activities that you and your pup can do together outside. So, if you are wondering what outdoor activities you can do this spring with your pup, here are seven great ideas.

  • Schedule A Shopping Spree.
    Have you heard the phrase “spring cleaning”? With Spring time in full swing, it is the perfect time to clean out your dogs’ destroyed and slobber-covered toys and dirty leashes and collars – and replace them with shiny, brand-new ones! Then, visit your local pet store for new springtime toys and activities. Your pup will be so grateful for the hours of entertainment. And, while you and your furr baby are at the store, look at the leashes and collars. It might be a good time to add springtime color to your pup’s everyday look!
  • Plan A Play Date.
    If you have a dog, there is a good chance someone else in your life has one. That makes the perfect opportunity to meet with other dog parents and their fur babies for a “Play Date”! It is great for your pup, body, and soul to socialize and play with other dogs. So, when you plan a puppy play date with other dog parents and their fur babies, arrange to meet at one of your houses or a dog-friendly park – and don’t forget to bring lots of treats!
  • Have A Photo Session.
    Spring has sprung into action. And, with the vibrant colors that come with spring flowers, this makes it the perfect season for taking amazing pictures of your pup – and even of you and your pup. Find a beautiful location, schedule a photo session with a friend or professional photographer, or set up a camera and tripod to capture how beautiful your pup is with springtime all around.
  • Go For A Walk.
    The “Great Outdoors” is excellent for a reason, and our dogs enjoy roaming freely and the fresh air just as much as we do. So, with a great love and appreciation for the Great Outdoors, springtime is a great time a year to go for walks with your pup or even take a hike. It is excellent exercise for both of you, giving you time together to bond and enjoy the fresh air.
  • Practice Your Fetching Skills.
    Winter is when all leaves and branches fall from trees and bushes. Springtime is when the beauty returns and the sticks that have fallen to the ground are great for playing fetch – or at least, that is what your dog thinks. But, when you take your pup outside for fresh air and a game of fetch, remember that sticks can splinter and cause unintended splinters in your dog’s mouth – which is no fun for anyone, you or your furr baby. So, remember, when you are practicing and honing your fetching skills this spring, bring along a variety of fetching toys (balls, frisbees, rope toys, etc.) – and keep the fun times going for as long as possible.
  • Exercise Together.
    Have you and your dog put on a little extra weight this winter? Are you looking for a way to get rid of it, having some bonding time with your fur baby? Spring is the perfect time to start excising – and we aren’t talking about those boring indoor gym workouts. Instead, hitting the road for a bike ride, rollerblading, or even a walk will do wonders for you and your pup.
  • Take A Vacation Together.
    Has there been somewhere that you’ve always wanted to go with your pup? Then it is time to back and bag or two, jump in the car with your pup, and hit the open road. With there being several pet-friendly options, like pet-friendly hotels and AirBNBs, vacationing with your furry best friend has never been simpler. And remember to choose a location with a bunch of open spaces, parks, and beautiful scenery – not only will it give you and your pup many activities to choose from, but the view and pictures will be unique.