Do you live near or are planning a visit to the Daytona Beach, Florida area? Adopting a dog can be one of the most exciting adventures of a lifetime for individuals and families alike! Here is why Sophie’s Circle should be on your list for places to find your new furry best friend in need of a forever home.

Support a Local Nonprofit and the Community
In addition to supporting locally owned small businesses, nonprofits also need your help to make the community stronger. With each donation, adoption fee, or helping hand you give to Sophie’s Circle, you are making an impact on an organization with a mission to save the lives of all the dogs in Volusia County shelters. Plus, you will be reducing the need for dogs to be taken to the shelters due to a lack of food thanks to our dog food pantry that is funded by donations from community members like you!

Help Dogs Continue Living With Their Owners Who Have Lost Income
Did you know Sophie’s Circle is the only dog food pantry in the nearby area? These can be hard times for many dogs whose owners lost their jobs when plants and businesses closed during the pandemic or were laid off due to structural changes. If you cannot feed your family or yourself, how can you feed your dog? All the love in the world unfortunately cannot convert into money. But, your compassion can, in fact, make a difference! As you adopt from Sophie’s Circle, you will see the wonderful work that is being done and receive that warm feeling you get with each donation of dog food knowing it is going to dogs who would otherwise have to be placed in a shelter or go hungry on the streets.

Avoid Potential Scams By Working With Locally Known Organizations
Since we are a well-known local organization, what you read online is what you get with Sophie’s Circle. The dog food pantry, the generous volunteer foster owners, and the loving rescues who cannot wait to find their forever homes are all very real and in need of your ongoing support. Your small adoption fees help cover a portion of the cost to spay, neuter, treat medical conditions, and feed each rescue. For this reason, many of our adopting owners continue to donate money, dog food, and time to our cause long after they have taken their fur baby home. Come see what we are doing for yourself and how every donation, adoption, and volunteer hour is instrumental in making our community stronger while giving dogs who would otherwise be left without a home have a happy ending with a loving family.

Gain Insight About Your Dog From Wonderful Foster Volunteers
Once you begin looking around for the dog that speaks to your heart, going on pictures alone is not generally recommended for finding a good fit for your lifestyle, home, and family. For that reason, we recommend reading descriptions for our rescues written by the foster families who know them best. These individuals begin laying the foundation with each dog regarding basic house rules and walking on lead training. Then, they share what they have learned about the dog’s personality and animal as well as human interactions in the description online. This information is the key to finding the dog that best works with the adopting owner’s expectations and lifestyle.

Find the Right Dog for You With New Rescues Added Frequently
Not seeing that special dog you had in mind on our adoption page? Don’t give up! Check back with us because new adorable entries are added frequently. Also, we ask our owners to keep an open mind as the founder of Sophie’s Circle, Kathy Blackman, never intended to adopt a large dog much less a Siberian Husky. However, after meeting Sophie at what was supposed to be her last day at the Southeast Volusia Humane Society, she developed a special bond with this loving dog. That bond transformed Kathy’s life and led her to open Sophie’s Circle that helps other dogs like Sophie who are in shelters due to no fault of their own find the forever home and family they deserve. The bottom line? You never know how a dog you did not initially think was a good fit could become the best furry friend you could imagine.