Have you wondered why dogs are often called “man’s best friend” or how people can treat pets like members of their family? It’s all about the love pets offer that supports our endeavor to live life to the fullest. If you think you know how much value to place on a pet’s role in your life, here’s why you may be underrating their unconditional love.

Everyone Needs a Hug Sometimes
Humans are social beings. We seek out approval, appreciation, and, of course, a good hug now and then. While pets cannot necessarily wrap their arms around you, they definitely have their ways of showing both their approval of your caretaker skills while cozying up next to you and allowing you to get in some quality snuggle time. This boosts your mood, helps you cope with more challenging moments in life, and allows you to feel loved and appreciated. It’s like getting that daily cup of soothing coffee or hot tea, except this healthy mood enhancer never runs dry.

Pets Offer a Judgement-Free Space
Speaking of approval, you don’t have to worry that your pet is judging you for eating donuts, staying in your pj’s all day, making a mistake at work or school, saying a comment you wish you could take back, or skipping your workout routine this week because you need some time to unwind. They don’t mind if just stepped out of the shower or just got home from a grueling run and are covered in sweat. There is literally very little you can do to make your pet turn away from you in protest as long as you provide the proper care and attention they require and treat them with respect. Plus, when you do make an error in judgment like calling them names out of frustration for the chewed/scratched furniture instead of working on more effective training techniques, forgiveness comes easy to pets as they teach us to live in the present moment and not the past.

A Friend for the Quiet Moments
Pets may be a little loud at times with lively noises like barking and meowing, but they have their quiet restful moments too. When the sun goes down and it’s time to break out the popcorn and stream a movie you have been looking forward to seeing, your pet will be right there by your side through every laugh, tear, and jump scare! For reading enthusiasts, pets will be more than happy to prop up in your lap to hear the latest chapter as you read aloud or wait patiently for the next adventure while receiving comforting pets that do just as much good for your health as theirs. Also, they make great listeners for students practicing their presentations, reading skills, acting lines, or memorization techniques.

A Companion to Celebrate the Big and Small Things in Life
Whether you do not have close families or friends to celebrate your good news or your friends and family members do not see the accomplishment as a significant ordeal, your pet will always be there ready to give you loads of encouragement and support through various means, such as tail wags, excited pants, licks, and snuggles. All it takes to know they are on board with your train to success is to take one look at that happy face! Okay, well some pets have more of a grumpy expression, but you know that’s just their style and they are sharing your joy on the inside.

A Partner for All Pet-Friendly Activities
When it’s time to plan an adventure, your pet is always willing to go along for the ride, walk, or, for dogs who can keep up, run. Some dogs and a few cats will even swim with you! Best of all, you never have to beg them to hang out or wait for them to be done with their errands first. Just grab a leash and start walking. As long as the activity is something you know your pet will enjoy, they will be eager to join you without complaints or excuses.

Ready to Find Your Devoted Furry Friend?
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